CCRS or Caribbean Credit Service is one of the best and leading international credit rating agencies, known for offering authentic, easily approachable and correct credit information about different companies. It is on the basis of the CCRS credit ratings that the companies are able to take reasonable decisions with respect to their credits.

Objectives of CCRS:

The activities of CCRS are all aimed at fulfilling certain aims, as mentioned below:
The secured and fast online delivery of the credit reports to different worldwide clients facilitate them to make quick and sound credit settlements.
To offer credit reports and information at a reasonable price
CCRS’s Commitments:
As one of the foremost credit rating agencies of the world, CCRS is committed to handle all credit-related issues of its worldwide clients. In this respect, it is known to have gained the highest customer satisfaction in the entire Caribbean region.

Services and products of CCRS:
The CCRS has gained immense popular accolades and global reputation, owing to the following products and services it renders to worldwide customers:
Screening of Frauds: As soon as the international corporations come across or detect any sort of deceitful and fallacious company activities occurring at the time of the application procedure or all through the development of a credit deal, they immediately report the matter to the CCRS. It is then a part of the responsibility of CCRS to record those data in the form of secondary information. Any inquiry about those fraud companies on the part of the clients makes the CCRS to warn them about the deceitful tendencies registered in the credit file of the concerned companies.
Accufile: Accufile is a unique product of CCRS, which is endowed with the responsibility of customer identification. It offers an insight into the approximate time taken to prepare a credit report, as well as in-depth information about the credit dealings and the names of the creditors associated with such transactions. Accuracy and quality characterizes the credit information provided by CCRS.
Telephone directories: The CCRS has a file called the phone log book. It contains the names, addresses and contact phone numbers of all important inquiries and commercial lines. This product is immensely beneficial, as it aids the customers to carry out direct checking, either singly or collectively, prior to taking credit decisions.
Cheque alert: This is a device which identifies and contributes information regarding cheque-writing trends present in numerous customers. It is this method which facilitates the CCRS to identify the bad cheques with outstanding amounts.
Decoder: It is a CRS product, offering a single subscriber number to get full and detailed information regarding names, addresses and and phone numbers of a client, required to contact him/her.


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