CMC International

CMC International is a Nigerian company, which was formed on 9th December, 1998. The primary objective of this company is to provide credit and business information. The company maintains a high degree of computerized business information service and it is the first Nigerian company to become a member of FCIB(Finance, Credit and International Business).
FCIB is an international membership group, providing business credit intelligence to exporting companies.

Objectives of CMC International

CMC International being a global business credit and financial information and rating company, is committed to produce and provide services like credit reports on Nigerian companies, due diligence report on businesses in Nigeria, and status report on bad-debt stock. One of the other objectives of CMC International is to source foreign commercial loans for Nigerian companies.

Activities of CMC International
Some of the prime activities of CMC International are preparing credit report and due diligence report, fund sourcing, sourcing equity investment, managing credit risk and credit guarantee scheme.

CMC Credit Report on Nigerian companies
CMC International provides reliable credit and business information to Nigerian companies. CMC credit report and business information is needed to assess the creditworthiness and stability of a company. Any company that intends to run business with other Nigerian companies should go through CMC credit report and business information service. CMC International Credit rating is a unique service through which business owners in Nigeria can judge on business and credit matters.

Credit Facility Review Report (CFRR)
One of the principal activities of CMC International is to reconstruct sick borrowers. CMC International being an accomplished Credit Management Consulting (CMC) company, banks on their delinquent customers. Credit Facility Review Report (CFRR) is an impartial and soundly prepared report, which can be used to consider for providing additional facility.

Mail address of CMC International
CMC International Limited
6, Ajele Street, Off Campbell Street, Lagos Island,
Lagos, P.O.Box 2708, Apapa,
Lagos, Nigeria.

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