Credit Analysis & Research Ltd (CARE)

Credit Analysis & Research Ltd. (CARE), was established in the year 1993. The company has 14 shareholders. It deals with advisory services, information and credit rating. The Credit Analysis & Research Ltd (CARE) is promoted by Unit Trust of India or UTI; Canara Bank; Industrial Development Bank of India or IDBI and many other reputed banks and companies dealing with financial services.
Ratings conducted by Credit Analysis & Research Ltd (CARE), are authenticated by Government of India. The Reserve Bank of India or the RBI, Securities and Exchange Board of India or SEBI, along with other regulatory authorities also recognize the ratings of Credit Analysis & Research Ltd (CARE).

CARE was registered by SEBI as per Securities & Exchange Board of India Regulations 1999.

The various services offered by CARE include:

1. Rating Services:
With regard to rating services offered by CARE or Credit Analysis & Research Ltd, the agency carries out rating of the following debt instruments:
Structured obligations
Commercial paper
Fixed deposits

2. Credit Reports:
In addition to rating industrial houses, Credit Analysis & Research Ltd (CARE) also does rating of financial institution, state governments, municipalities, special purpose vehicles. Credit Analysis & Research Ltd (CARE) also prepares credit reports. These credit reports are availed of , by different corporate houses. The credit reports worked out by CARE are instrumental in making decisions pertaining to collaborations, joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions.

3. Valuations:
CARE conducts enterprise evaluations for big investors, business partners (existing partners as well as prospective partners), managements of big companies. The Indian government’s Disinvestment Commission had availed the services of CARE for carrying out evaluation of state owned enterprises, which were 20 in number.

4. Credit Appraisal:
Credit Analysis & Research Ltd (CARE) also assists non banking companies and different banks in setting up or bringing about modifications in the credit appraisal.

5. Reviewing Debt Market:
In order to remain abreast with the prevailing market conditions, CARE publishes a bulletin every month. The bulletin is called Debt market review. This bulletin contains information regarding the latest developments in the debt markets. It also publishes information regarding changes in the economic structure of the country.

A skeletal outline of the important services offered by Credit Analysis & Research Ltd (CARE):

Advisory services Preparing credit reports
Conducting studies in different sectors.
Rating services Different kinds of debt-
Convertible bonds
Commercial paper
Certificates of deposits
fixed deposits
Inter corporate deposits
Quasi debts
Grading services IPO (initial public offer) gradings.


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