European Rating Agency

The credit rating of European Rating Agency or ERA strictly maintains the international standard and quality. These two factors guide all the activities of European Rating Agency, bringing it immense global fame and popular accolades.

Values of European Rating Agency:
The members of ERA give special emphasis on certain values, which they consider as the driving forces behind their success in diversified credit-related activities. Moreover, it is these values which guide all ERA actions, helping it to go by the standard and quality followed on a worldwide basis.

Following are the 5 priceless values of ERA:
Complete autonomy
Easy and fast accessibility

Services and Products of European Rating Agency:
The European Rating Agency boasts of its diversified products and the quality credit services it renders to worldwide clients.
Analysis of the corporate sector: As a highly active organization in the sphere of corporate finance, ERA makes a complete and detailed study of the corporate sector, to meet and gratify the varied requirements of the clients, mainly commercial partners. In reality, a carefully prepared customized credit report is effective in meeting the needs of the clients.
Sectoral studies: Inclusion of an in-depth study of the existing sectors into the product portfolio of ERA is meant to bestow additional value upon the pertinent clients on the market conditions. The sectoral analysis is carried out by ERA by employing a consistent framework, ensuring its uniform development by supplying authentic and affirmed information. The aim is to make the clients aware of the the fresh views on different sectors.
Macroeconomic scrutinies: Prior to the preparation of credit reports, the ERA carefully examines the growth of the concerned companies with respect to the macro-economic development of the country in which they are based. In their credit reports, ERS analyzes widely, the macro-economic outputs and documents of the clients, with due consent of the clients regarding the subject matter, its coverage extent and structure of the reports.
Advisory activities: Advisory activities form an important aspect of the responsibilities of the ERA. The commercial stream of ERA comprises expert, professional and efficient financial advisors, guiding the actions of the public officials and the corporates. Well-acquainted with the economic conditions of the customers, these advisors help the clients to form financial strategies and advise them on other related matters. These advices, in a way, widen the knowledge of the clients on the market conditions.
Consultation: The extensive and well-built specialized market network developed by the ERA offer its partners with a solid ans secured platform for increasing their exposures on regional level. This will unfold their consulting capabilities on national and international levels, thereby attracting more and more clients towards the organization.
Special focalized analyses: Apart from the traditional analyzing methods and products, the ERA also has a few special analyzing products as follows:
Risk analyses of organizational records and portfolios
Analysis of sectors and different bodies


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