FCIB was founded in the year 1919. FCIB has approximately 1000 members scattered in as many as 55 countries. The FCIB has headquarters in United States of America. It also operates in Canada, Europe and China. It is an organization, where professionals in Finance, Credit as well as International Business converge.

FCIB ‘s areas of expertise:
This organization has the reputation of imparting education to different business houses with regard to credit accounts. It also provides business intelligence to various companies, ranging from small size companies, mid size companies to manufacturers, in matters related to business credit accounts.

It also has Fortune 500 companies on its list of client�le. FCIB has also received the Prestigious “E Star Award”.

FCIB thrives because of efficient tools of networking. The organization’s efficient methods of networking, allow clients to exploit the multifaceted facilities offered by the FCIB in fields related to trade finance as well as export credit.
The FCIB extends services in the following fields:

Education and training:

Educating the professionals in issues related to global trade finance as well as credit accounts. The FCIB also conducts, occasional seminars and conferences to upgrade professionals in credit and trade finance. The professionals are highly benefited by attending the seminars, conferences and workshops.

Credit groups in export industry:

Credit groups are small groups of credit professionals or managers, who meet at regular intervals to exchange concepts, experiences in the export industry. FCIB has several credit groups, who abide by regulations and antitrust laws and allows professionals to distinguish between fiction and fact.

These credit groups have been created for:
Exporters of plastics, chemicals, synthetic fibers.
Exporters of metals
Exporters of forest products
Manufacturers of pharmaceutical products
Exporters of electronic goods
Book publishing houses

Credit reports:

FCIB also prepares credit reports to determine the creditworthiness of consumers. The credit reports worked out by FCIB, is unparalleled and offers all the necessary information for rating consumers. These credit reports play a vital role because it allows a company or organization, in matters related to joint ventures, mergers and acquisition.

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