Global Credit Rating Co. (GCR)

At present, Global Credit Rating Co. (GCR) is the largest credit rating agency in Africa, having international standard and repute. Global Credit Rating Co. (GCR) is one of the 3 founding partners of the International Ratings Group (IRG).Ever since its inception in 1996, it has developed itself with a rapid pace within a short timespan, engaging the largest group of African credit rating experts and analysts.
Today, the organization accounts for above 60% of the total African credit ratings. GCR is headquartered in South Africa, with regional offices within Africa and abroad.

Advantages of GCR credit rating:
The GCR owes its fame and recognition to the quality services it offers to worldwide clients in diverse areas, as mentioned and briefly described below:
Independent identification and evaluation of the credit qualities of the industrial sectors across the world, with an aim to offer true, authentic and exact picture of the credits to the respective clients
At the time of finalizing the credit reports, GCR needs to consider the changes that had occurred in the market over time. The report which best establishes the inter-relation between the rating symbols and default probability, gains the confidence of the market and that of the foreign investors.
The favorable GCR credit ratings are effective enough to attract series of foreign financiers for instant investment purposes.
Quality, accuracy, and swiftness characterizes the credit ratings of GCR.
The relation of a commercial organization with its investors, whether favorable or unsatisfactory, is well-reflected in its credit report.
The encouraging GCR credit reports of the clients offer them direct access to the international capital markets, leading to the reduction of financing costs.
The unique feature of GCS activities is that it maintains an unparalleled track record, for giving accuracy to its credit ratings in the contemporary emerging market conditions.
The authentic credit reports prepared by GCR on official level, reveals the true condition of the financial conditions of the concerned companies.
Other GCR rating benefits are as follows:
A huge and wide network of subscribers
Excellent analyses of information
Accurate and original credit ratings
Complete regulatory identification
Leadership position in the Africa’s market
Highly competing pricing


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