ICRA, which was founded in the year 1991, is India’s leading credit rating agency. ICRA was previously known as Investment Information And Credit Rating Agency Of India Limited. ICRA is associated with Moody’s Investor Services. It started operating on 31st August, 1991.
Besides, acting as a leading credit rating agency, this agency also provides information pertaining to investment. Many prominent banks as well as financial institutions in India are major shareholders of ICRA. This credit rating agency has developed and strengthened its foundation by moving with the times and re orienting itself as per requirements.

ICRA has taken up projects related to equity gradings, credit ratings, risk analysis. It has actively participated in India’s economic growth. The services offered by ICRA has branched out in financial sectors as well as corporate sectors.It has become prominent, not only in India but has won accolades internationally.

Presently, ICRA, offers services in the following categories:
Advisory services
Credit rating services
Providing information pertaining to investments in different fields.

Role played by ICRA in economic growth:
ICRA offers impartial views with regard to ratings as well as remedies. It works out strategies so that the companies, which are not very prominent or are less known can get access to capital markets. ICRA offers solutions and strategies after conducting extensive research in different spheres, be it the fiscal sector, monetary sector or industrial sector. Extensive research assures of credibility as well as quality in the services offered by ICRA.
ICRA intends to widen its market base. It believes in operating in a transparent manner. The main aim of ICRA is to develop and create user friendly concepts. It also intends to design products to suit the market environment, which is always dynamic. ICRA aims at creating an environment, which is optimum for the market regulators and also the market participants.

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