Co face IGK Holding was set up in the year 1993. The main objective with, which Co face IGK holding was set up was, to develop a strong and effective business information system and a debt collection system. They mainly indulge in exchange of information pertaining to debt recovery, credit ratings, between the West and the East.
It also formed a strong information market in former USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republic).

The group stands out from the rest in the field of business information. It has carved out a niche for itself.
About the IGK Group:
The IGK group was formed by Co face IGK Holding. The IGK group is a collection of many franchisees, partners and sister concerns connecting various regions in former Russia. The IGK network stretches from Murmansk to Ashgabad; Brest to Vladivostok. IGK group has offices in Riga, Moscow, St.Petersburg, Kiev, Tallinn and Vilnius.

The founders or the parent companies of IGK are:
IGK Wirtschaftsinformationien und Marketing Service Gmbh in Germany.
Coface in Paris
Coface Intercredit Information Holding in Wien.
Services offered by IGK group:
Credit reports:
Co face IGK Holding, makes credit reports by collecting and processing information on various companies in former Russia. They also assure the clients of providing information, which is genuine. Coface IGK Holding also rates credit reports. The rating score obtained helps business firms and companies in deciding their course of action. The credit reports prepared by Coface IGK Holding, get approval from the credit insurers. This is usually done to estimate risk involved in a particular credit account. Coface IGK Holding offers three different services, with regard to time of delivery of the report.

They are:

The type of report delivery also depends on the country, where the report is to be delivered and also the location of the client.
Collection of debt: Coface IGK Holding, adopts a very friendly way of retrieving money from the debtor. It also ensures that the business relationship between the creditor and the debtor is not hampered. IGK charges fees, only for collecting the debt amount.

Analysis of market conditions: Coface IGK Holding carries out extensive research on any product, which has been newly launched. It analyzes market conditions, by collecting new data or working up on existing data. Coface IGK Holding, conducts research and analysis of market conditions in all the countries of former USSR.

Consultation: IGK furnishes essential information on newly introduced laws or laws, which have been amended. It evaluates business probabilities in markets situated in former Russia.

Coface IGK Holding, has made a mark in its own way and by constant up gradation of its expertise in various fields, it assures of still better services in the days to come.

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