Mercantile Credit Bureau

Mercantile Credit Bureau is the establishment primarily engaged in activities like credit investigation, business information accumulation and credit policy consultation. One of other principal activities of Mercantile Credit Bureau include supplying of credit information to businesses and financial establishments upon their request.
Mercantile credit bureau also provides information on debt repayment and credit history.

Two of the renowned Mercantile Credit Bureaus include Dun & Bradstreet and Trans Union Corp.

Functions of Mercantile Credit Bureau
Beside carrying out credit investigations, business information gathering and credit policy consultation, one of the important activities of Mercantile Credit Bureau include reviewing credit application. Credit application review process eliminate credit application fraud and maximize selling profitability.

One of the most important functions of Mercantile Credit Bureau is to ascertain the economic significance of fluctuation in the volume of mercantile credit over a period of time. Mercantile Credit Bureau also supplies information on various categories business firms.
They normally restrict their investigations to firms in a specific line of trade. Most of the Mercantile Credit Bureaus provide both general and special reports.

Some of the other prominent activities of Mercantile Credit Bureau include:
Credit assessment
Account supervision
Insolvency search
Preparing commercial credit profile
Corporate searching

Credit Assessment Program (CAP)
Credit assessment program helps companies to make their credit decisions beforehand, which eventually maximize their profitability. Credit Assessment Program is a comprehensive and customized program, designed to supervise customers with high risk. Some of the functions of Credit Assessment Program include legal name verification, providing market overview regarding brands and products, credit rating, and credit analysis.

Account supervision
Account supervision program will protect assets of the customers.

Corporate Searching
Corporate searching process examines items like registered legal name of business owners and their address..

Insolvency Search
This facility of Mercantile Credit Bureau examines insolvency of a business or business owner.

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