Credit Bureau Report

A credit bureau report provides a detailed credit history of a prospective borrower, in order to determine their creditworthiness.


Credit bureau reports may include:
Personal identifying information (present and previous address, Social Security Number, employment history).
A brief credit history of the borrower including types and numbers of accounts
Detailed account information about the borrower
Records of queries into the applicant’s credit history usually regarding a credit card or loan
Information about liens and public records (includes financial related information like tax liens, bankruptcies, and judgments)
Victim statements
Advice by experts
In the event of any incorrect personal identifying information in a credit bureau report, you should notify the credit bureau directly. Personal information includes name, SSN number, contact information, address and date of birth. Keep copies of all submitted documents. Clearly mark all incorrect information. It is a good practice to keep a copy of the complaint filed with a law enforcement agency.

To establish a good line of credit, keep in mind the following guidelines:
Be fastidious about making payments on time
Verify your credit report regularly
Keep account balances below 75% of available credit

In case you need to contact the credit bureau, take notice of the following information:
A toll-free number and a reference, report, file or confirmation number inscribed on the credit bureau report receipt
Each report contains a fraud alert. The initial fraud alert stays on the credit reports for at least ninety days, although it may be extended up to seven years.
Ask credit bureau representatives about how to get additional reports.


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