Business Credit Report

The business credit report contains all information regarding the fiscal health of a business organisation. It is prepared by the credit report bureau.
The 8 page business credit report covers the following aspects:
The first page provides an executive summary.
The second page contains information with regard to trade payment, legal fillings as well as collections.
The third page gives an account of the total trade payment and other experiences related to payment
The fourth page gives a detailed account of the trend in the monthly and quarterly payments
The fifth page contains the UCC profile of the business organisation.
The sixth page briefs about the background of the company, its financial ties with other companies,banks, insurance companies etc.
The seventh page is vital and contains information on the company’s balance sheet, operating statement and the Standard and Poor’s information.
The 8th and the final page contains the ratios and the important data of the business organisation.

After the business credit report is prepared it may so happen that the local banks are reluctant to offer loan to that particular organisation. In this case the company requests the credit bureau for an investigation in this regard.

The investigation process takes place in the following steps:
First, the job of the credit bureau is to locate the company that called for the investigation. Then this company is marked with an indicator in their site to show that the company is undergoing investigation. Next the company or the court is consulted to verify the accuracy of the information. Inaccuracy of information would lead to their removal and accuracy would retain them. After this a final copy of the verified report is sent to the concerned company. Even after this if the lender has any problem regarding any information that is supplied, then the company has the full right to make a dispute statement. This dispute statement is added at the end of the credit report of the concerned company.

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