CIC Credit Report

CIC provides its customers different types of credit products. They offer single credit files to collated files of the three credit bureaus- Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. Apart from this there are a host of other services that are offered by CIC credit report and they are listed as follows:
Tenant Screening Services
Pre- employment screening
National Criminal searches
Social searches
In the following section we have detailed some of the products and services that are offered by CIC.

Products in relation to Credit and Decisioning

Credit Commander

With the help of this product an individual can have access to the diverse consumer as well as commercial credit reports. By viewing these reports the concerned individual can have an idea of the credit worthiness of the customers, the tenants or the employees. Accordingly the amount to be loaned out is decided upon.

Products and Services Relating to Skip Tracing
With the help of this instrument the individuals with unpaid debts are traced. The Microbilt website is used for this purpose. It has the additional advantage of reducing the problem that arises from tracking individuals from more than one source. By availing this website one can have access to a huge database that consist of public records, data in relation to employment, relatives etc.
Products and Services Relating to Screening

Pre- employment Background Screening
This system of screening filters the fallacious data and prevents the problems that arise from employee identity theft and violence in the job station.
Tenant Screening
Trustworthy tenants can be identified after going through their credit history. Whether the tenant had any financial problems or committed any serious offence is also closely scrutinised.
Vendor Screening
Before entering into any business tie one should clarify, with the help of this product, whether the business is private or public and everything relating to its fiscal health.

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