Arizona Free Credit Report

Arizona Free Credit Report consists of four main areas. That includes credit information, identifying information, public records and enquiries. Credit information contains information on each account of the credit seeker. It contains every minute detail of the credit information including the credit limit, the date of inception, balance in the account, loan amount, monthly payment and the pattern of payments over the years.
Other people who are entitled to access the account besides the account holder are also enlisted in the report.The information also needs to be identified and for this purpose the report includes the know how of the credit seeker. It contains name, address, nicknames, date of birth, social security number and if it’s a company then it contains a record of the employees.

The source of this information is the application that one submits to draw credit. The accuracy of the information will prove whether the credit seeker fulfilled the all the formalities properly.

The public record information consists of information on state monetary matters. It contains a record of state bankruptcy, state court records, tax liens and in certain cases child support payments.
The report also has an area on inquiries. This includes information about those people who have received a copy of the seekers credit report. The document is available for two years at a stretch. The accuracy of the report is maintained by the credit bureau. The report also contains a list of the rights of the consumers. They are entitled to know about their credit report and if any information is going against them. The person seeking the information is also entitled to receive the phone number, address of the credit bureau, which has prepared the report.
The Credit Report Act
According to the FCRA the credit seeker is entitled to receive any kind of information regarding itself. If there is any kind of information mismatch the seeker can always protest against that and the credit reporting company and the information provider are liable to answer to the seeker and rectify the report as well. Providing inaccurate information is an offence. The FCRA has been amended recently with enhanced power.

The credit seeker should also concentrate in improving his/her credit report.

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