Credit Rating India

Credit Rating India is practiced by various agencies but the best and the most credible is the CRISIL Ratings. It is the fourth largest rating agency in the world. The issuers, investors, creditors always go through the ratings provided by this agency since it is the most comprehensible one.
It has more than 60% of the share in the rating market. It is the best agency because it provides the most analytic information on the risk factors combining the science of risk building framework along with the understanding of the business situation in India.CRISIL is the only organization, which goes into the depth of analysis and also it carries on its research on a sectoral basis.

They specialize in this. They carry on the survey at a large-scale basis and as a consequence they receive a better response than all the other rating agencies in India. CRISIL also runs a funding institute known as CRISIL Fund Services.

It is the leading provider of funds in India for the purpose of business. It invests in the mutual fund industry.The debt instruments rated by CRISIL are calculated over 6600 and amounts to rupees 9.97 trillion.
Over 3800 debt issuers have issued this. The debt issuers include manufacturing institutions, banks, municipal corporations, state governments, and financial institutions.

CRISIL’s association with Standard & Poor’s in 1996 has resulted in an improved system of rating. They are now ready to dive in new areas and take up new challenges. They have collaborated with many USA agencies and launch new projects to promote business in USA.

CRISIL Ratings offer technical support abroad. It has provided assistance in establishing rating centers in Malaysia, Israel and the Caribbean.

The Other Credit Rating Agencies in India There are various credit rating agencies in India. The most significant among them is the CRISIL b8t apart from CRISIL there are other agencies as well.
Some of them are:
Investment Information and Credit Rating Agency of India (ICRA)
Credit Analysis and Research Limited (CARE)
Duff and Phelps Credit Rating India Private Limited (DCR India)
ONICRA Credit Rating Agency of India Limited


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