Free Credit Report

Credit reports play a major role in the approvals of long or short-term financial assistance. These reports are maintained by the credit bureaus and are provided on demand for certain fees. But in certain conditions, free credit reports are also provided to the individuals.

Free credit report can also be termed as credit history of an individual. These reports are prepared by the credit bureaus. The credit bureaus gather a number of data regarding the credits that the individual has availed and also about the habit of paying back the loans. These reports can be also seen as a graph describing the financial position of the respective individual.

An individual’s creditworthiness is reflected by these credit reports. This means that if an individual has not maintained a good credit history in his or her past life, he or she may have to suffer in the future because of these credit reports. On the other hand, these credit reports can also be used to impress the lenders if the data recorded in the report are positive.

These credit reports are very important for every individual and so, these should be checked at regular intervals. At the same time, regular checking of the credit reports are also very important to maintain a healthy credit rating.

Every individual can obtain these reports from particular sources by paying a nominal charge. At the same time, there are a number of sources that can provide free credit report. These free reports are provided on a yearly basis. There are some requirements that should be fulfilled to get a free credit report. An individual has the liability to prove that he or she is the same individual who has been shown on the particular credit report.

There are some other reasons for which free credit reports can be provided. According to the Federal law, an individual may ask for a free credit report directly from any credit bureau or credit reporting agency in case the individual is unemployed and looking for employment in the following two months. At the same time, if an individual is subjected to public assistance, then also the credit bureaus provide free credit report to him or her.

There are certain incidents where an individual may have enough scope to think that there is a number of wrong information provided in the credit report. In such cases, the individual may request for a copy of free credit report from the credit bureaus. On the other hand, there are several incidents where a bank or other financial institution has denied credit to an individual on the grounds of bad credit report. In such situation the individual has the right to ask for a free credit report from the same agency that has provided the report to the lenders.

There are several states in the United States of America, where one copy of free credit report is provided to every resident. Some of these states are New Jersey, Maryland and Colorado.

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Last Updated on : 9th July 2013

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