Child Tax Credit

Child Tax Credit deals with the system of child tax credit practiced in the United Kingdom. There are various terms and conditions that are important in the context of the eligibility criteria and basis of calculation of Child Tax Credit.Description of Child Tax Credit The Child Tax Credit is available in the United Kingdom. It may be described as a sort of allowance and is mainly provided on the basis of the economic capabilities of the guardians of young kids. There are certain conditions that are of utmost importance in case a particular individual wants to be eligible for the Child Tax Credit.Conditions of Child Tax Credit The first and most important consideration for a person to be regarded fit for receiving the Child Tax Credit is the fact that individual has to be the one who is responsible for the welfare of the child. It is not always necessary for the applicant to be the parent of the kids in his care. Eligibility of Child Tax Credit The following people are regarded to be eligible for receiving Child Tax Credit as per the laws:
If the individual has a child under sixteen years age in his guardianship
If the individual is responsible for a young individual who is a full time student in either a school or a college or undergoing recognized training in a certain program like Entry to Employment for example

Basis of Child Tax Credit The Child Tax Credit is normally provided based on the various economic situations in the family. In this case the following information are supposed to be provided to the HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC):
The earning of the applicant
The number of children in the applicant’s household.
The earning of the applicant’s partner. In certain cases the applicant might have to furnish the income statistics of his or her civil partner. However, such law is applicable if the applicant has a civil partner.


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