Good Vs. Bad Credit

Good Vs. Bad Credit gives a brief overview of the relation between the concepts of bad and good credit records. There is some explanation of the importance of these two notions and the effect it has on the interest rates of loans has been explained along with the possible causes of such an effect.Overview of Good Vs. Bad Credit Good vs. bad credit is one of the most important issues in the credit market scenario of the world. It is essentially the difference between a good credit record and a bad credit record and also plays an important part in getting a debtor a decent credit deal. Importance of Good Vs. Bad Credit As has been said earlier the concept of good versus bad credit record is extremely important from the financial point of view. The concept of credit risk is very critical when it comes to the lenders as well as the borrowers. It is normally assumed by the lender that if a borrower has a bad credit record the credit risk associated with that entity is more. That means he stands less chance of recovering his money and that too at the proper time.

In case of a debtor with a good credit record the assumption differs. If the borrower has the most supreme credit score it means that the borrower can trust the debtor with his money. This can be said as a good credit almost assures the lender that he would be able to recover the money that has been lent out by him. Impact of Good Vs. Bad Credit on Rates of Interest The credit score of a particular debtor always has a say on the terms and conditions of his loan agreement. If the borrower has a good credit record then he would have to pay a lesser rate of interest than a borrower whose credit record is not good enough.

The main reason for this is the fact that the lenders always perceive the debtors with bad credit records as risky propositions. They think that they might not be able to recover the loan at the right time or worse still; they might not get the loan back at all. This prompts them to charge a higher rate of interest, which they think would compensate for any delay or non-recovery of loan.

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