Management of Credit Risk

Management of Credit Risk provides an overview of the system of credit risk management. It gives an idea as to why this particular concept is important. It also deals with the primary operational idea of the concept. Importance of Management of Credit Risk The management of credit risk is one of the most crucial aspects of the present day financial world. Proper management of credit risk is extremely crucial for the economic well-being of any business enterprise throughout the world.

The concept of management of credit risk is especially important in the case of the banking organizations. The main reason behind such an assumption is the fact that the management of credit risk is important for the bank to do well for a considerable period of time.
A proper management of credit risk is normally considered to be indispensable for a bank or any other financial institution. It is also thought of as an integral part of the overall approach to the management of credit risk.Mismanagement of Credit Risk It has often been observed that owing to improper management of credit risk a lot of companies have faced financial difficulties. The most often observed instances of mismanagement of credit risk are as follows:
Unimpressive credit standards of the debtors as well as the counterparties
Negligence towards the economic changes that can affect the credit capacity of a particular banking institution or a counterparty
Inefficient management of portfolio risk

Basic Aim of Management of Credit Risk The process of credit risk management operates as per an aim. The system of management of credit risk is used to make the most of a particular bank’s rate of the return that is risk-adjusted. This is done by keeping the levels of exposure of the bank to credit risks within limits that are acceptable.

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