Exchangeable Debentures

Exchangeable debentures are an intriguing as well as beguiling proposition because of their nature. They are an extremely crucial part of the investment terminology. It is said that they bear an uncanny resemblance to Convertibles. However there is an exception though.
The said type of debenture could be transformed. It may be transformed as par the personal choices of the issuer himself. They may be translated into a common stock. The resultant beneficiaries could be the subsidiary, or an affiliate of the user himself.There are different definitions of a Convertible Debenture.

According to the Law Encyclopedia, the Convertible Debentures are ones which could be changed or converted, when the holder decides to do so. It could be transformed into preferably, a common stock, at a ratio fixed as par the indenture.

The ratio is open to adjustments, especially when stock dividends are taken into consideration. A situation otherwise would mean that the worth of converting the debt into securities would amount to less than what the debenture would have been if it would have matured.
The Law Encyclopedia states that, a Convertible Subordinate is subject to previous debts or rather, their repayment, of and by a particular organization. They may, however be converted into yet other forms of securities..

With Exchangeable Debentures, the issuer has the freedom to swap a Convertible Debenture with it. There is the option of having the same rates. Organizations employ it when the urgent need to obtain equity capital,or else avail a lower tax rate. Some companies prefer to take advantage of both situations, or a subsequent change in them.

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