ANZ Travel Card

ANZ Travel Card gives the card holder easy access to their money in overseas accounts. This is done under a pre fixed exchange rate value. The fee for overseas transaction is considerably lower here. It can also be obtained by persons who are not direct ANZ customers. Multiple currencies are available here.

ANZ Travel Card exhibits a host of attractive features. Multiple currencies are available under ANZ Travel Card.
They include the

ANZ Travel Card provides an easy access to one’s account.

The fee for card issuance is calculated at a flat rate. It amounts to AUD 11.00. ANZ Travel Card is a boon for travelers and globe trotters. ANZ Travel Card gives instant access to one’s own money anywhere in the world and at anytime.
Visa card is accepted throughout the world. This comprises over 24 million retailers and is supported by ATM locations the world over.

POS transactions using ANZ Travel Card are free. Visa is accepted every where without any sort of transaction fee.
Some Other Features of ANZ Travel Card
ANZ Travel Card is easily re-loadable. ANZ Travel Card can be reloaded with BPAY. Alternatively it can also be reloaded from an ANZ Foreign Exchange Centre in person. The applicable foreign exchange rate will equalize the rate prevailing on the day of receipt of one’s cleared funds by ANZ.

ANZ Travel Cards are extremely secure. The card holders are issued two cards, a primary card and a backup card. These cards are provided with separate PIN codes. In case of loss or theft of the card, the cardholders are to ring up ANZ Travel Card Customer Service immediately. This is a 24/7 service.

Information regarding transaction details, card balance and the like about ANZ Travel Cards can be accessed online. This is huge advantage for a person on the move. The same set of information can also be had on phone. The number for this is 1800 094 003 for Australia. For overseas the contact number is +61 3 9683 7777.

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