Axis Bank Travel Currency Card

Axis Bank Travel Currency Card is availed by a huge number of international travelers. There cards are used as a useful alternative to money converters as well as of travelers check. These cards offer an easy access to cash on the foreign lands.
The Axis Bank Travel Currency Card is very helpful for the international travelers. These cards can be used to draw cash in almost all the countries. The additional facility is that the cash can be drawn in the local currency. The cardholders only need to visit any branch of the bank and have to select Full Fledged Moneychangers.

By doing this only, the cardholders can enjoy a wide range of facilities on the foreign lands.

About Axis Bank Travel Currency Card
An individual have to apply at any Axis Bank branch, with necessary documents, for this card.

This is a kind of prepaid card and the cardholders have to deposit a certain amount in their bank account before using the card. Once the tour is over, if any amount is left in the card account, the card holder may take out the amount or can leave that for future tours.
The Axis Bank Travel Currency Card can be recharged according to the need of the card holder.
Services Provided by Axis Bank Travel Currency Card
There are a number of services provided by the card. As the card is accepted in almost all the countries, the cardholders can make different kind of payments through the card. These payments can be done in the currency of that particular country. At the same time, whenever there is any need for cash, the cardholders can use any ATM terminal that accepts visa card and can withdraw money almost immediately. The cash withdraw facility provided by the card is a 24×7 service.
Benefits of Axis Bank Travel Currency Card
These cards are very beneficial for the customers for a number of reasons. Firstly, the customers do not have to carry any kind of cash with them. On the other hand, there is no need for any kind of money changers or travelers check if the traveler is carrying this card with him.

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