Debit Card Charge

Debit card charge refers to the different charges and expenses related to a debit card. These charges are also known as debit card fees and these are charged on a monthly or yearly basis. At the same time, no interest rate is charged for the transactions through these cards.

About Debit Card Charge
The card providers collect various types of debit card charges from the customers. These charges and fees can be categorized into many types. Basically the fees is taken for providing the card facility and for maintainance of the card. Nevertheless, for debit card transactions, no interest is charged from the customers because the money that they are using are their own money.

On the other hand the late payment options are also not applicable to the debit card users and because of this, the interest rates are not charged by these cards.

The debit card charges are collected from the cardholders in different modes. These may be charged on monthly or yearly basis. At the same time, there are a few banks that collect debit card charges on every debit card transaction. All these fees are variable in nature (differs from one bank to another).

Types of Debit Card Charges

Usually, the debit card charges can be categorized into the following types:
Annual fees
Duplicate PIN (Personal Identification Number) charges
Additional debit card charges
Debit card replacement charges
Service charges and fees
Surcharges on fuel purchases


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