EPAY Debit Cards

EPAY provides a wide range of card products to the customers. These cards are offered with an aim of making online transactions smooth and secured for the cardholders. The EPAY debit cards are provided to the customers as tools to promote cashless transactions.
The plastic cards are very popular among the card users and at present, the card companies are trying to make modifications in the existing cards so that it can be attractive for the new generation. The new generation is much more interested in online or internet shopping.

However, the main problem is that at times, the internet shoppers become victim of fraudulent activities. The EPAY Debit Cards have been designed to provide the cardholders with security for online transaction.

Benefits of EPAY Debit Cards
EPAY cards are among the advanced tools that are provided for making the online transactions safe and swift. These cards are provided to both the individuals as well as to the businesses. The cards are used for making payments for different purchases as well as for receiving payments of various deals.

Features of EPAY Debit Cards
The EPAY Debit Cards are provided with some attractive features.

Some of these are the following:
Safe online transactions
MasterCard Debit Card
Global Acceptance
Network of 1 Million ATMs
Virtual Money Transfer
No Provision for Security Deposit
Money Transfer
Hassle Free Online Account Check
Facilities of EPAY Debit Cards
Apart from the above mentioned facilities there are some other features also that are very important as well as attractive for the cardholders. The various factors like no provision of credit checks, absence of annual fees and security deposits, zero finance charges and many more are actually very encouraging for the cardholders. Along with all these, the cards also provide online statements to the cardholders to keep them informed about the recent transactions done through the EPAY Debit Cards.

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