Hertz Debit Card

Application of Hertz Debit Card
The Hertz Debit Card is used for the purpose of renting a car or a vehicle. It has been observed that in the recent years there has been an increase in the use of debit cards for the purpose of renting cars as well as other forms of vehicles.

Rules of Hertz Debit Card
There are certain rules and regulations that come into play when a Hertz Debit Card is being used. For example the holder of the Hertz Debit Card has to provide additional money for the purpose of renting the cars with the card.

An individual also needs to pay some money as advance if he wants to use the Hertz Debit Card for the purpose of renting a car.

Features of Hertz Debit Card

Following are the main characteristics of the Hertz Debit Cards:
Per day rate of the vehicles
Fees for registering the automobiles
Special arrangements for expenses of one trip
Damage recovery fees
Least amount of insurance coverage for cars and automobiles
Expenses of automobiles
Mileage of automobiles

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