Debit Cash Card

Debit Cash Card is a convenient payment option in today’s world. Earlier commercial banks separately issued ATM cards and debit cards. Nowadays the banks have combined these two cards into a single product. It can be used for withdrawing money as well as for making purchases.

More on Debit Cash Card
A Debit Cash Card can be used at ATMs (Automatic Teller Machines) for withdrawing cash. It is used for making payments for different purchases at POS terminals. These terminals are also used for making credit card payments. A Debit Cash Card is also known as a checking card. Functionally it represents a check.

The debit cash card holder need not carry any money with him as the card serves as cash money. These are also safe because the classified sensitive information cannot be collected from these.

Debit Cash Card does have unique PIN codes. This PIN number is a secure one and the cardholders use this secure PIN for accessing their accounts from ATMs. Secrecy of this PIN is to be maintained at all cost. Card holders need to maintain a backup of this PIN code at a secure place.
A Debit Cash Card can be used for both online or offline transactions. For the on-line payment procedure, instant debit of funds occur from POS terminals. Here, the customer needs to provide the PIN code. On the other hand, when payment occurs through the off-line version, the customer signs the transaction receipt. The required money is debited within a period of three days in the account of the shop-owner of service provider.
Some Other Plus Points of Debit Cash Cards
Debit Cash Cards are preferred than the credit cards because here the cardholders are not allowed to overshoot their money limit. At the same time, debit cash cards preclude any interest repayment as transactions are settled instantly.

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