Debit Card Disputes

Debit card disputes may arise due to several factors. There are various forums for solving these disputes. These disputes may occur in the debit card billing, electronic money transfer process, loss of cards, debit card fraudulent activity and a lot more.

More on Debit Card Disputes
The acts for debit card disputes are aimed at ensuring a fair billing process. Acts of this kind cover only billing errors in the monthly statements. Acts regulating electronic transfer of funds through cards (both debit and credit) are essential for protecting of consumer rights of a debit card user.

This type of Act puts a limit to a cardholder’s liability in case of unauthorized electronic fund transfer activities.

Some Billing Errors Leading to Debit Card Disputes
The debit card billing errors include a number of unwanted situations and all these are responsible for creating debit card disputes. Billing charges may be charged to a person even if the card holder has not at all used his card.
In other words he has not even made any kind of purchase for which he has been asked to pay. At the same time, figures in the monthly statements may be inappropriate. The date of purchase shown may also be wrong. There are a number of other disputes that can also be termed as debit card billing disputes. These are non receipt of bills, inclusion of billing charges and so on.
Debit Card Disputes for the Loss of the Card
In case of any kind of loss or misplacement of the debit card, the card providers should be informed as early as possible. The debit card holder needs to keep a detailed record about the communication done with the debit card provider. These may be required for future reference and so it is must to inform the card providers in writing.

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