ICICI Bank Travel Card

ICICI Bank provides a wide range of card products to the customers. These cards have been designed for different purposes. The ICICI Bank Travel Card has been designed for the international travelers. The card offers some of the essential services that are beneficiary to the travelers.
ICICI Bank is one of the major financial institutions of India. The bank offers a number of products to the customers. Among these, the card products of ICICI Bank are very popular. There are a number of debit and credit cards offered by the bank for different purposes and all these cards can be used in India as well as in many other countries.

ICICI Bank Travel Card is one of those products that are developed solely for the purpose of providing comfort to the travelers on the foreign land.

About ICICI Bank Travel Card
While traveling to other countries the travelers face a number of problems related to the currency. At the same time, it is also not safe for the travelers to carry huge amount of cash with them. As a solution for all these problems, the ICICI Bank Travel Card has been introduced.
This is a prepaid card and provides a number of options to an international traveler. This card is accepted by nearly 13 million shop-owners throughout the whole world.
Features of ICICI Bank Travel Card
Safety and convenience are the two most important features that are provided by the card while the card holder is on a foreign land. Apart from these, the card also provides facilities like Replacement Card, online access, SMS alerts about the remaining balance and a lot more. This card can also be used while making transactions through the Internet. Additionally, the cardholders are provided with insurance coverage.
Choice of Currency Offered by ICICI Bank Travel Card
An individual can purchase this prepaid travel card with Indian currency. Then the card can be used in different countries and the cardholders can make transactions in Canadian Dollars, Pound Sterling, Euros, US and Australian Dollars and a lot more.

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