Anonymous Debit Card

About Anonymous Debit Card
An anonymous debit card is a special type of debit card, which is not issued in the name of the holder of the card. The name of the debit cardholder or his ID is not embossed on the debit card. Usually, this is done for the purpose of security of the debit cardholder.
The cardholder of this kind of a debit card is able to withdraw money in an anonymous manner from the ATMs all over the world. The availability of anonymous debit cards is limited and they are issued on a first come, first served manner.

One of the principal examples of anonymous debit card is stored value debit card, which can only be utilized at the issuer of the card.

Advantages Offered by Anonymous Debit Card

Anonymous debit cards offer the following advantages to the cardholders:
The card is entirely anonymous and the ID of the cardholder is not disclosed to the bank or anybody else
An anonymous debit card usually carries a number, no name is printed on the card
The ordering process for an anonymous debit card is simple. The residential address of the applicant is to be provided and the card is sent by courier service
Instructions to the cardholders are given on how to remain anonymous and how to use the card
Putting money in the debit card account of the anonymous debit cards can be easily done through money transfer systems like Bank Transfer, E-Gold, Money Order, Evocash, Bank-To-Bank Wire, Western Union, or Cash
Usually, these cards are valid for two years and can be renewed afterwards
The rates of withdrawal are affordable


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