ATM Debit Card

About ATM Debit Card
ATM Debit Card is a form of plastic debit card, which is acknowledged worldwide and assists the cardholders in accessing their bank account from any location in the globe. Usually, a MasterCard or VISA logo is embossed on an ATM debit card.
An ATM debit card is connected to a bank account from which the charges or fees are debited according to the transaction necessities. The name of the debit cardholder is printed on the ATM debit card. Withdrawal Limit Applicable For An ATM Debit Card.

Normally, the highest amount of money that may be withdrawn on a daily basis is 500 US dollars. However, this may vary. The expenses related to the issue of an ATM debit card can go up to 150 US dollars.

Functioning of ATM Debit Card

At the time of processing a transaction, the PIN (Personal Identification Number) of the ATM debit card has to be inserted by the ATM debit cardholder and it is authenticated by the ATM debit card issuer or the bank. The amount of funds available is also checked. If there is adequate fund, the transaction is approved. In case the fund available is inadequate, the message “inadequate fund” appears on the screen of the ATM.

The name of the ATM debit cardholder is kept confidential and for performing a transaction, the number of the ATM debit card is taken into consideration, not the ATM debit cardholder’s name.

Benefits of ATM Debit Card

An ATM debit card offers the following benefits to the cardholders:
Withdrawal facilities from any location of the world, especially from MasterCard or VISA terminals
Availability of money deposit options
Cash transfer facilities
The cardholders can view the account details in any MasterCard or VISA terminals
Monthly statements are offered to the customers by the card issuers
The time frame for any transaction carried out with the help of an ATM debit card is quite small in comparison to issuing a check as entering a PIN takes almost no time.


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