Baby Phat Debit Card

Baby Phat Debit Card is a popular prepaid debit card in the United States, which is reloadable in nature. This card was issued by UniRush Financial Services. The holders of Baby Phat Debit Card are entitled to fabulous rebates in addition to other offers if they shop at Baby Phat outlets.

About Baby Phat Debit Card
The Baby Phat Debit Card was launched by Russel Simmons, who is a hip-hop music mogul and his wife Kimora Lee Simmons, who is the creative director of Baby Phat Fashions, a reputed hip-hop fashion outlet in the United States. This card is also known as Baby Phat Prepaid Rush VISA Card and it was introduced in partnership with UniRush Financial Services.

The Baby Phat Rush VISA Card is pink in color and the Baby Phat logo is embossed on the top of the card. It is a prepaid debit card, which is re-loadable.

This card has a number of similarities with the Rush VISA Card. Nevertheless, the most significant advantage of the Baby Phat Debit Card is that the customers of Baby Phat are entitled to get attractive rebates to the extent of 10% on every Baby Phat apparel bought on the official website of the company.
This accompanied by other benefits and gift commodities.
Benefits provided by the Baby Phat Debit Card

The Baby Phat Debit Card offers the following advantages to the cardholders:
No credit check is required
No substantiation of employment is necessary
No involvement of hidden fees
Online or telephonic bill payment
No monthly, annual or customer service charges
Online and telephonic balance enquiry facilities
Direct deposit facilities at free of cost
Free money transfer facilities through PayPal
Money loading options at numerous CheckFree and MoneyGram locations, which include Wal-Mart
Global availability of ATM cash withdrawal facilities with a safe Personal Identification Number
One time activation fee
Online application facilities


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