Debit Gift Card

About Debit Gift Card
Debit gift card is a special form of debit card, which may be given to any person in the form of a gift. It is a type of prepaid debit card. The debit gift card can only be provided to the person who is entitled to receive it. Various debit gift card issuers offer the customers the option for tailor-making the debit gift card as per the selection of the customers.
A debit gift card usually has either the MasterCard or the VISA logo stamped on it. A debit gift card with such a logo can be utilized at any POS (Point of Sale) terminal where credit cards are acknowledged. A debit gift card can be ordered online, with the help of telephone or a credit card.

There is no requirement for disclosing the details regarding the recipient of the debit gift card or sender of the debit gift card. These details are only necessary at the time of ordering the card.

Features of Debit Gift Card

Following are the important features of debit gift card:
An auspicious message can also be sent accompanied by the debit gift card. The message varies according to the particular occasion.
Options for refilling or recharging the debit gift card are also available, however, this service is not available every time.
If anything is bought with the help of a debit gift card, the amount of purchase is debited from the bank account of the cardholder. The debit gift card balance can be ascertained online or through telephone and there is no need to go to an Automated Teller Machine (ATM).
Online statements are provided to the debit gift cardholders if the card has been registered over the Internet. No statement is sent by mail.
In order to gift a debit gift card, the expenses can range between 25 U.S. dollars and 500 U.S. dollars. Fund transfer facilities are not available from one debit gift card to another debit gift card.


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