Ohio e-QuickPay Cards

The Ohio state government has decided to provide the Ohio e-QuickPay Cards to the custodial parents. These cards are provided to make the transaction more smooth and quick. The transactions through the Ohio e-QuickPay Cards are supported by the MasterCard ATMs.
The Ohio e-QuickPay Cards was introduced in 2004 by the state government of Ohio. These cards are meant for the custodial parents.

These cards are accepted throughout the whole world. The cardholders can use these cards for many purposes like shopping, withdrawing cash and so on.

Important Features of Ohio e-QuickPay Cards

There are a number of attractive features of Ohio e-QuickPay Cards. These features are encouraging the customers to avail the debit card.

Firstly, the Ohio e-QuickPay cardholders can withdraw cash from a huge number of ATMs that are related to the MasterCard and the Cirrus networks. At the same time, there are some selected ATMs that provide surcharge free services to these cardholders.
The cash back offer of Ohio e-QuickPay Cards provides the cardholders with the opportunity to get back a certain portion of the amount used for different kind of purchases. At the same time, the cardholders are also provided 24×7 access to their transaction history that is done through the card. At the same time, the present condition of the customer’s account is also available to the cardholders. These data can be accessed through the internet. For the purpose, the cardholders are provided with passwords and IDs.
Ohio e-QuickPay Cards Transaction Fees

These following charges are collected from the cardholders:

Cash Withdrawal through ATMs $0.75
Expedited Replacement Card $ 15.00
Balance Enquiries Through ATMs $0.40
Balance Enquiries Through ATMs $0.40
Replacement of Card for First Time Free
Card Replacement (excluding first replacement) $5.00

Last Updated: 23rd June 2015

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