Student Debit Card

About Student Debit Card
Student debit cards are becoming increasingly popular among the college and university students around the world. These debit cards are usually issued to students who are 18 years old or more. Currently, a wide range of student debit card programs are being provided by all the leading financial services companies and banks.
These debit cards are usually available from MasterCard or VISA networks and are prepaid in nature. For getting a student debit card, no credit history is necessary. These debit cards usually have refilling or reloading options and refilling can be done online, through telephone, or an ATM.

In case of a student debit card, no credit line or credit limit is provided by the issuer. The student is not able to spend more than the fund, which is there in the bank account. College payments or fees can also be paid with the help of a student debit card in a hassle-free manner.

This type of debit cards also helps students learn money management techniques and regulate their expenditures. No interest payment is charged for a student debit card but other charges are applicable.

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