Teen Debit Cards by Obopay

About Teen Debit Cards by Obopay
The teen debit cards by Obopay have gained quite a bit of popularity in the United States. Obopay is a leading mobile payment services provider in the country. It is also famous for issuing a number of debit cards for both adults and teenagers. The debit cards issued for the teenagers offer a good deal of advantages to the cardholders.
Obopay is headquartered in Redwood City, California and was incorporated in the year 2005. With the help of Obopay, receiving, sending, and disbursing money in any place and any moment is not at all a difficult issue. At present the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Obopay is Carol L. Realini.

Most recently, Obopay has introduced a number of teen debit cards or debit cards for teenagers. For receiving a teen debit card by Obopay, the parents of a teenager have to enter into a written agreement with a financial services provider.

It can be done either on the Internet or in person. After this, the card is issued to the holder. For getting a teen debit card by Obopay, certain personal details about the parents and the teenager are to be furnished, which include the names, residential address, dates of birth of the parents and the social security number (SSN) of the teenager.
For the purpose of using a teenager debit card, it is necessary there has to be sufficient balance in the account of the particular Obopay Teen Debit Card. Online and personal money loading facilities are available for these cards.

The teen debit cards by Obopay offer a number of advantages, which include online buying and theft protection. Statements are received by the parents and the teen debit cards really function as an outstanding device for providing training in money management skills to the teenagers. No monthly payments or interest charges are there with the exception of an annual fee. Fees for ATM transactions and cash advances are also charged.
Contact Details:
Obopay, Inc.
275 Shoreline Drive, Suite 600
Redwood City, CA 94065
(Tel) Main Office: 650 264 2000

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