Payroll Debit Cards of TFG

Payroll Debit Cards of TFG come from the house of TFG Card Solutions, Inc. TFG’s payroll and prepaid Visa Debit Card and Platinum Pay are highly acclaimed. They aid in streamlining the payroll process.

More on Payroll Debit Cards of TFG
Payroll Debit Cards of TFG provides businessmen a wonderful way of streamlining their costs arising out of payroll management. This is done through a new process that saves both time and money. The need for issuing paper checks is completely eliminated. Time management, cost efficiency and hassle free operations, add to organizations productivity.

Normally a single check processing costs is nearly $10. Replacement is dearer by about $9.

This is as per data released by American Payroll Association. In contrast to this a payment process through the direct deposit program costs around 0.20 cents. This process is wholly electronic and so it costs very low.
Payroll Debit Cards of TFG provides online account access to card holders. Payroll Debit Cardholders can have instant access to their accounts and also to the transaction details (past and present) through this card. They enjoy a lot of add on services from the prepaid Visa debit card.
Platinum Pay Card from TFG
Platinum Pay Card from TFG is a Visa debit card. It has a worldwide acceptance. The funds under the Payroll Debit program are FDIC insured. This insurance is provided by the Palm Desert National Bank. This payroll card solution is provided for businesses of almost every size. The employer cost matrix for the Platinum Pay Card from TFG is very low. The setup fee for this service is almost nil. Monthly fees for access are also zero.

For the employees, it is a win-win situation. They carry out online purchases and can also avail cash back offers at different outlets. Apart from these, online statements, online customer service, activity report and transaction details and a lot more are provided free of cost as a part of these services.

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