Debit Card Security

Debit card security refers to different types of security measures related to the debit cards. These security measures are necessary to prevent stealing of debit card or any other types of unauthorized usage.

About Debit Card Security
There are various types of debit card security measures that should be implemented for ensuring safety and proper usage of debit cards.

Numerous banks and other card providers come up with helpful tips and advices for the customers about debit card security measures.

Tips Regarding Debit Card Security
Following are few useful tips or advices that will help the debit cardholders regarding the security of the cards:
A debit card should be treated like cash and held in a secure place
The personal identification number (PIN) should be kept confidential
The card details should not be divulged over the telephone to anybody. There is no requirement for knowing the PIN for the financial services provider or anyone else
No details of the card should be divulged to a Spam or unsolicited e-mail
The debit cardholder has to ensure that the online shopping portals are dependable enough
The magnetic strip of the debit card should be protected and should not be kept in vicinity of magnetic objects
Loss or theft of debit card should be reported immediately
The account statements should be cautiously examined
Nobody else should be allowed to enter the PIN on behalf of the cardholder at a POS



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