Virtual Debit Cards

Virtual debit cards are developed as a measure to check the growing fraudulent activities on the Internet. These cards do not have any kind of physical existence and only a number and a PIN code is used for the transaction. Different types of virtual debit cards are available in the market.
The virtual debit cards are becoming popular among the card users. These debit cards are used as a tool to control bad credit.

At the same time, these cards are also used as a protective measure against all the fraudulent activities related to the credit and debit cards.

Important Features of Virtual Debit Cards
The most important feature of virtual cards is that a virtual card does not have any kind of physical presence. These are actually set of numbers that are provided to the customers and these numbers are used for making transaction. Another important feature of the virtual debit cards are the PIN code. To use these cards, the cardholders have to deposit money in the account before the actual transaction takes place.
The actual transaction cannot be more than the deposited amount and so the chances of bad debt are minimized.
Use of Virtual Debit Card
The virtual debit cards are used for a number of purposes.

Some of these purposes are the following:
Deposit a certain amount in a particular account
Making payments through the offline process
Transactions through Internet
Withdrawing money from certain accounts
Money transfers
Types of Virtual Debit Cards
There are a number of virtual debit cards offered by the card providers. These cards are offered for different purposes. There are the Students Virtual Debit Cards that are provided by a number of companies. These cards are parent-approved and help the teenagers and students to spend in a controlled manner.

At the same time there are certain companies that offer Virtual Gift Cards. These cards are provided as gifts. A certain amount is deposited for the card and the gift item purchased through the card cannot exceed the amount. Apart form these; there are the Payroll Virtual Cards and Incentive Virtual Cards that are used by the companies and a lot more.

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