AT&T Dividend

AT&T Dividend History
The stockholders of AT&T have been receiving AT&T Dividend for a considerable period of time.AT&T Dividend has a history of guaranteed customer satisfaction. Now the company has initiated the process of providing their shareholders with more benefits.
The acquisition of BellSouth Corporation is believed to assist the company in providing more benefits to the shareholders. According to the Annual Report of the company, this acquisition is expected to help AT&T in providing customized service.

AT&T has managed to accomplish remarkable growth in adjusted earnings per share section in the last couple of years.

AT&T Business Performance
The business performance of the AT&T has been reasonably well over the last few years.

Its operating income has increased by $ 4,120 million in 2006. This is 66.8% better than the income earned in 2005. The operating revenue of the company has also gone up by $19,291 million, which is an enhancement of 44.1% from 2005.

AT&T Stockholder Services
AT&T provides its stockholders a wide variety of services that are meant to help them with the preparation of tax returns. This program is called Cost Basis Guide. It provides the stockholders of AT&T with tools like guides and worksheets. The main idea behind the program is to help the stockholders when they sell out their shares.
AT&T Dividend Records
The following table provides a record of the dividends provided by AT&T for the year of 2007:

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