Exxon Mobil Dividend

The multinational company, Exxon Mobil has recently made some announcement on the Exxon Mobil dividend for the 3rd quarter of 2007. Exxon Mobil offers quarterly dividends and till now the total amount of dividend for the year 2007 is $1.02.
The Exxon Mobil Corporations is an American multinational company and is the largest company in the world that publicly trades petroleum and natural gas. The Exxon Mobil offers quarterly dividends to its shareholders. According to the recent press release made by the company’s board of directors, the Exxon Mobil has reportedly announced a raise in the quarterly cash dividend from 32 cents to 35 cents per share giving a 9.4 % hike.

The dividends are payable on 11th June, 2007 while the record date being 14th May, 2007. According to the recent announcements, for the Exxon Mobil dividend payable by the company, the ex-dividend date is August 9, 2007, the record date is August 13, 2007 and the payment date is September 10, 2007.
The shareholders of the company may earn the dividends against their shares by direct deposit, check or by dividend reinvestment.
The direct deposit of dividends includes the company to transfer the payments by electronic funds directly to the saving account of the shareholder on the payable date for dividends. The shareholders may also accept check sent by the company directly to the residence or bank address.

The dividend reinvestment is an option given by the Exxon Mobil to its shareholders to reinvest either the entire or a part of the dividend in the additional shares of Exxon Mobil stocks. The investors may invest by the EquiServe Investment Plan for ExxonMobil Common Stock.

Here is the history of Exxon Mobil dividends for last couple of years. The list gives the information of dividends per common share of Exxon Mobil.

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