GE Dividend

General Electric has been paying quarterly dividends for over one hundred years, and GE dividents have been increasing over the past 31 years. In 2006, the GE dividends were increased to 28 cents per share from 25 cents per share. From January 25th, the dividends of GE were raised from $1 to $1.12.
When he made this announcement, the chairman of GE added that General Electric Company would earn $1.97 to $1.99 per share in the 2006. He also promised to reinvest capital in the company in 2007. GE Money, a section of the General Electric Company, has been providing credit services to more than 130 million customers worldwide for many decades.

Customers of GE Money include primarily auto dealers, retailers, and mortgage lenders.The financial products and services provided by GE Money include personal loans, credit cards, mortgage and motor solutions, home equity loans, and debt consolidation.

GE most recently increased its quarterly dividend rate on December 12th, 2006. The GE Board of Directors increased the company’s quarterly dividend by 12%, to $0.28 per outstanding share of the common stock. This dividend increase marked the 31st consecutive year the dividend had increased, with dividends having been paid each year since 1899.

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