Intel Dividend

The Intel dividend is declared quarterly. Intel is currently offering US$ 0.1125 quarterly dividends on the common stocks of the company payable on 1st December 2007. A study on the dividend history of Intel shows that the company has been offering dividends in every quarter for last few decades.
The regular cash dividend declared on 18th January 2007 was US$ 0.1125, which was a raise from US$ 0.100 dividend declared on 13th September 2006, the last of the quarterly dividends for the year of 2006. Intel is the largest semiconductor company of the world. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, the market capitalization of Intel is US$ 127 billion.

The stocks of the Intel are traded in NASDAQ. The stocks of Intel are widely held and the company stands on the 5.8 billion shares outstanding. The mutual funds and institutional investors make the 54% of the entire stock while the corporate insiders hold the 3% of the Intel stock.

On 31st August 2000, Intel attained its all-time high closing stock price, which was US$74.87. Over last couple of years, the stock price of Intel has not been that much and as of March 2007, stock price of Intel has been $20.

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