Microsoft Dividend

The Microsoft dividend is offered quarterly. According to the recent press release, the software giant Microsoft has announced its fourth quarter dividend for the year of 2007. Generally it has been seen that the software generating companies of the USA return low dividends when compared with other companies of the country.
According to the recent announcements made by the board of directors of Microsoft, the quarterly dividend payable on December 13, 2007 is of $US0.11, which is a small increase from the last year’s quarterly dividend $US0.10. The approximate share yield of the Microsoft is 1.4 percent. Currently in an announcement made by the Microsoft it said that the board of directors of the company has voted to boost the quarterly dividend of the company by 1 cent to 11 cents per share.

The shares of the Microsoft have reported to rise 10 cents to $29.03 giving a 0.35% hike in the share price.

The Microsoft announced in September 2007 that the next dividend by the company will be payable on 13th December 2007 while the ex-dividend date being 13th November 2007.The Microsoft’s transfer agent Mellon Investor Services regulates the direct stock purchase plan and also the dividend reinvestment program of Microsoft.
The record date of the quarterly dividend by the Microsoft is 16th August 2007 while the ex-dividend date for the first quarter dividend in 2008 is 14th August 2007. The quarterly dividend payable date of the Microsoft dividends is 13th September 2007. The Microsoft has paid the special dividend in 17th November 2004 of $3.00 per share to its shareholders while the special dividend date being 2nd December 2004. The dividend policy of Microsoft involves that the Board takes the decision whether to pay the dividend on a quarterly basis or not. The board makes the decision based on the potential future long-term capital requirements of the Company relating to investments, research and development and also on the dilution management, acquisitions, legal and business risks faced by the company.

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