Vanguard Dividend

Overview of Vanguard Dividend
The Vanguard dividend is issued to the shareholders of the Vanguard Dividend Growth Fund when the company makes profits. Vanguard dividend is actually meant for distribution of the assets of the company amongst its shareholders. Vanguard Dividend Growth Fund Vanguard Dividend Growth Fund allows it consumers to invest in the following accounts:

Dividend Express
IRA Telephone Redemption
Retirement Special Purchase
Special Redemption
Retirement Special Redemption
Telephone Exchange Individual Accounts
Automatic Investment Plan
Special Purchase
Automatic Exchange Service
Telephone Exchange Retirement Accounts
Automatic Withdrawal Plan
Direct Deposit Service
Telephone Redemption Individual Accounts


Benefits from Investment in Vanguard Dividend Growth Fund The investors who are seeking to accrue financial profits from their investments over a longer period of time are likely to benefit from the services provided by Vanguard Dividend Growth Fund. The company has had excellent dividend records over a considerable length of time. It has been drawing in a significant number of investors because of its excellent track record.

Under normal circumstances, if the investors maintain their relationships with the Vanguard Dividend Growth Fund for a period of five years, they are able to receive substantial profits on their investments. However owing to the long-term nature of the profits, some investors seeking quick profits have stayed away from the Vanguard Dividend Growth Fund.Vanguard Dividend Records The following table shows the statistics of dividend distributed by the Vanguard DividendGrowth Fund among its clients:

Type of Distribution Latest Distribution Figures Date of Record Date of Payment Price of Reinvestment Yield Date of Reinvestment
Dividends $ 0.14000 21.06.07 25.06.07 $ 15.33 1.88% 22.06.07
Dividends $ 0.13000 22.06.07 26.06.07 $ 12.59 23.06.07
Dividends $ 0.13000 18.12.06 20.12.06 $ 14.61 19.12.07



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