Highest Dividend Paying Stocks

Highest dividend paying stocks produce the maximum return on an investment. The dividend paying stocks are always a preferable investment option because the stocks, which are offering dividends carry less amount of risk. These stocks offer upfront money and at the same time, there is the possibility of making more profits by selling those stocks.
The highest dividend paying stocks are liked by the investors because these stocks generate more profit than other stocks. These stocks provide a good amount of money in form of the dividend. Because of this aspect, the investors generally holds these stock for a long time to make good amount of money.

On the other hand, when they sell these stocks, then also the investors make wholesome amount of money.These stocks are also used as a mean of passive income by the wealthy people. The high dividend yielding stocks can be found out very easily. The investors can use internet for the purpose.

The stock brokers and newspapers can also be consulted before selecting the highest dividend paying stocks. Before investing, one should always compare the dividend records of similar stocks. The selection of stocks must be wisely done so as to ensure maximum return.
The stock selected for investment should be a reputed stock and should have some 5-7 years of experience and continuous growth record behind it. Those growth stocks, which can provide at least 6%-8% ROE can be considered as an good investment option. The dividend paying stocks, which are holding strong positions in the price charts should be considered for investment.

Some of the highest dividend paying stocks in the international market are as follows:
FedEx Dividend Paying Stocks
Altria Group Dividend Paying Stocks
Outback Steakhouse Dividend Paying Stocks
Enbridge Energy Partners Dividend Paying Stocks
Citi Group
JP Morgan Chase

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