Earnings Per Share of AT&T

Earnings Per Share of AT&T has increased in the year 2007. The revenue of the company in the final quarter of 2007 has also increased and reached US$ 30.35 billion. Per-share price of AT&T has gone up to $ 1.95 in 2007. AT&T Inc. and its subsidiaries are operating in a number of countries of the world.
The company and its subsidiaries are involved in providing communication services to their clients. In the year 2007, the earnings per share of AT&T has increased. At the same time, the company has earned $30.35 billion in revenues. There are a number of reasons of this growth like acquiring the BellSouth and other conditions like the favorable market for the technology stocks .

At present, the global financial markets are favoring the telecommunication companies’ stocks very much. As a global communication services provider, AT&T has also enjoyed the benefits of these trends.

At the same time, the company has developed its services and increased its client base to a certain extent. All these factors are responsible for the rise in the earning per share of AT&T.AT& has increased its per share earning by 51 cents in the last quarter of 2007.
The company’s yearly earning has increased and reached the US$ 11.95 billion mark.

In 2006, the yearly income of the company was US$ 7.36 billion. With this growth in the yearly income of the company, the per-share price of AT&T has also increased and went nearly US$ 1.95. In 2006, the per-share price was US$ 1.89.

The growth of the company is expected to remain the same in 2008 also. This is because the prime revenue generator for the company is the wireless business and the business is picking up at a rapid rate. In the fourth quarter of 2007, the wireless business has produced the best performance. At the same time, other communication services have been growing as well.

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