Earnings Per Share of MetLife

MetLife is one of the major insurance life insurance companies of the United States of America. According to the expectations of the company management, the earnings per share of MetLife in the year 2008 may remain a bit low than the market expectation.
As one of the biggest life insurance company of the United States of America, MetLife Inc. has a huge base of shareholders. According to the estimates of the market and of several market analysts, the company may provide $ 1.44 as per share earning in the final quarter of 2008. According to the same estimation, the company is expected to offer $6.30 per share earning in 2008.

On the other hand, the company estimations are showing some reductions in the earning per share of MetLife in 2008. The company has earned 14.6%-14.7% as operating return in 2007.

This operating return on equities of MetLife is expected to come down to 13%-13.6% in the 2008 fiscal. Although the company has set goals for longer period and is expecting to earn 15% operating return till the end of 2010.
At the same time, the company estimations for 2008 is also showing that the earnings per share for the last quarter of 2008 will be nearly $1.40 or $1.45. The total earning per share for 2008 is expected to remain between $5.90-$6.20.

Necessary Data about Earnings Per Share of MetLife


Year 2006 2007 2008 (expected) 2009 (expected)
High $5.10 $6.15 $6.49 $7.25
Low $4.68 $6.05 $6.00 $6.55
Actual Earning Per-Share $5.21 $6.25 $6.19 $6.86
Consensus $5.04 $6.08 $6.19 $6.86
Number of Analysts 16 18 18 15


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