Earnings Per Share of Microsoft

Earnings Per Share of Microsoft has shown some positive growth in the year 2007. The performance of Microsoft in the 2007 fiscal was more than the market or Wall Street assumptions. The prime reason behind this positive development was the growth in the company’s software sales in the whole world.
Earnings per share of Microsoft has done better than the market expectation. The company produces computer softwares, servers and a number of other computer-related products. It has its operations in the whole world and is growing at a rapid pace. As a result of this huge growth, the earnings per share of Microsoft is well above what a number of experts had calculated it would be.

In the 2007 fiscal the company has done good business in the whole world. As a result, the company has earned nearly US$16.37 billion in revenues. This was 30% more than 2006 when the revenues earned were 12.54 billion US dollars.

The company earned $0.50 per share as diluted earnings. The growth in this area was 92% higher than 2006. Till the end of 31 st March, 2008 the company is expecting huge revenue growth. It is expecting revenues between $14.3 and $14.6. billion and the earnings per share of Microsoft in this quarter is expected to remain between $0.43 and $0.45.
Although there is some uncertainty about the US economy, the company is expected to do well in the coming quarters of 2008 as a result of its worldwide operations.

Important Data about Earnings Per Share of Microsoft


Year 2006 2007 2008 (expected) 2009 (expected)
High $1.30 $1.43 $1.91 $2.20
Low $1.22 $1.41 $1.73 $2.00
Actual Earning Per-Share $1.27 $1.42 $1.87 $2.11
Consensus $1.26 $1.42 $1.87 $2.11
Number of Analysts 21 10 31 31

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