Earnings Per Share of Pepsico

According to the published financial reports of PepsiCo for the 2007 fiscal, the company has done good business in the global markets. This has not only produced huge revenue growth for the company but at the same time, the earnings per share of PepsiCo has also gone higher.
PepsiCo is one of the global giants of the food products and beverage industry of the world. It has its operations in a lot of countries throughout the world. In the 2007 fiscal, the company has done good business that is reflected through the revenue growth and its return to the investors.

The net revenue of PepsiCo in 2007 grew by nearly 12.3%. In 2006, the company earned nearly $35.1 billion in revenue and in the 2007 fiscal, the amount went up to $ 39.5 billion. At the same time, the company has also increased its division operating profits by 10% from the 2006 fiscal.

The shareholders of PepsiCo were provided with good returns on their investments. The company provided 26% in returns to the shareholders. The earnings per share of PepsiCo also increased in 2007 by almost 13%. In 2006, the earnings per share of PepsiCo was nearly $3.00. The amount grew up to $3.38 in the 2007 fiscal.
Some of the important data about the EPS of PepsiCo are as follows:

Year 2006 2007 2008 2009
High $3.01 $3.44 $3.80 $4.22
Low $2.99 $3.30 $3.66 $4.08
Actual Earning Per Share $3.00 $3.38 $3.74 $4.14
Number of Analysts 9 15 15 14

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