Earnings Per Share of Pfizer

Earnings Per Share of Pfizer was a bit low in the last quarter of 2007 although the company itself as well as the whole market is expecting a good result in the 2008 fiscal. As a global leader in the drug manufacturing industry, the market has good expectations about the company.
Pfizer Inc. is one of the biggest drug manufacturers of the world and has global operations. The company has been experiencing some hard times in the business in fourth quarter of the year 2007. The profits of Pfizer were 70% higher at the same time in 2006.

In the period between October to December, 2007 the company earned almost 42 cents per share and the total income in the last quarter was nearly $2.88 billion. At the same time, the net income of the company excluding several items was nearly $3.36 billion. In the year 2006 the company performed exceptionally well and earned revenues of nearly$13.07 billion.

The growth rate of the revenues was nearly 4%. There were a number of reason for these developments. The sales of a number of drugs prepared by the company rose by 3%. However, in 2007, the company has not experienced anything like that.

Although the company has underperformed in the last quarter of 2007, the market is holding its faith in the company and the analysts are expecting some good business in the year 2008. The company itself is expecting to earn revenues worth $47-$49 billion in the present year and the adjusted per share earning is expected to remain between $2.35 to $2.45. In the year 2007, this target was of $46.5 -$48.5 billion. On the other hand, the Wall Street is expecting $47.12 billion in revenues in the year 2008 that will ensure earnings per share of Pfizer of around $2.34.


Some of the Latest Data about Earnings Per Share of Pfizer

Year 2006 2007 2008 (expected) 2009 (expected)
High $2.09 $ 1.18 $2.46 $2.69
Low $2.03 $2.10 $2.33 $2.44
Actual Earning Per-Share $2.06 $2.20 $2.39 $2.55
Consensus $2.06 $2.14 $2.39 $2.55
Number of Analysts 15 22 23 18

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