Economic Reform And Employment In Iraq

The following article highlights the economic reform and employment in Iraq. That employment opportunities are differently approached in the public sector as well as the private sector is evident from the fact recorded below in the write up. Contribution of the women folk to the increase in job opportunities is also mentioned.
What the Iraqi government realized and what was the measures taken can be found in the same. The government in Iraq identified that the country needed to address the following three segments of the economy at the earliest to meet the ever growing lapse in the social security system of the country. This is in turn affecting the other segments of the economy as well.

The three areas are:
Those groups who are prone to economic turmoil are extended the best possible services as well as benefits. Their accessibility to the various services ought to be effected.
The government should also focus on the creation of newer job openings in the country. These jobs should provide enough safety net so that people are less susceptible to poverty and other anomalies.
The public sector ought to be reinvigorated in various spheres especially sectors like power, schools(education), water, hospitals and roadways.
Iraq has quite a high rate of unemployment in the country. In addition to this, Iraq also has high under employment. Economic reform and employment in Iraq determines the success of a country to a great extent. The Iraq government recognizes that jobs need to be created urgently in the private sector. There has been a conflict in the country with regard to job creation in the public sector as well as in the private sector.
Economic reform and employment of women in Iraq:
Studies have revealed that employment of women have also contributed largely to the growth of the economy of the country. As per reports of studies conducted it was observed that in Iraq, women have been engaged mostly in the public sector. Private sector was not very accessible to the womenfolk because there are certain hindrances, which are applied in case of women. The same hindrances are relaxed in case of men.

Economic reform and employment in Iraq ought to be such that improvement of the various policies governing labor market as well as policies governing the markets for capital should show significant betterment in its functioning. If this is carried out there would be strong possibilities of creating job opportunities.
Creating job opportunities in the private sector:
Investment is the main factor, which drives job creation. In order to carry out this, the government in Iraq recognized the need for following economic reforms and employment creating tools in Iraq. This would consequently better the investment climate in the country.

Firstly, all the regulatory norms, laws pertaining to the entire market economy ought to be carefully worked out so that they are efficiently, effectively implemented, monitored and enforced as per requirements. Secondly, implementation of these norms would streamline the investment climate. The reason being as a result of these reforms, policies would concentrate on target investments and investments, which are focused. These would create job opportunities for various people in large numbers.
Creating job opportunities in the public sector:
Creating jobs in the public sector is quite different. In order to extend its assistance to all and sundry, what it could do at the most is, function as a partner instead of the main employer.

There are few areas, which need to be attended to:
Reconstruction of state owned enterprises or the SOEs
Public investment ought to be judiciously handled
Competitor y industrial sector would lead to the diversification of the economy.


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Last Updated on : 26th June 2013

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